Democracy and Charity

Here is something the RDOS board might like to consider next time they want to get creative with democratic procedures. This makes it clear that the use of a parcel tax to pay for a swimming pool in Princeton is just plain charity.

The upcoming referendum on the Princeton Aquatic Centre is clearly an attempt by Princeton to get some more money. The decision by the RDOS board to include Area H in this referendum and to amalgamate the votes, is downright devious. To chose a parcel tax as the basis for this is worse. I honestly hope they don’t know what they’re doing because if they do, then we’re really in trouble. Look at this:

Princeton 2677 people
– 1496 parcels
= 1181 non paying (possibly voting)

Area H 2208 people
– 1995 parcels
= 213 non paying (possibly voting)

The ratio of the number of non-paying residents in Princeton to the non-paying residents in Area H is 1181 to 213. That is an astounding 554% !

That’s right, there is over 500% more non-paying users in Princeton. To make things worse, these simple numbers also show that Princeton will only carry 75% of this tax burden. Charity indeed – certainly not democracy.

~ Joe Kerr


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