Coalmont Rumours

I would like to dispel any rumours regarding funding behind my book, White Gold and Black Diamonds. It has been brought to my attention that some believe (incorrectly) that I received a government grant to pay for my book and that is the reason there are no planned celebrations for Coalmont’s Centennial. This is simply not true.

The creation of my book was a six year hobby for me. The costs for research, royalties to the BC Archives (over $600 to use 14 of their photos), printing and shipping came to approximately $4,000. I paid all costs from my own pocket without any support or grants from anyone or any organization. It should also be noted that the cost of the Centennial banner which Bob and I placed on our Motel also came from our own pockets as did the cost of two hundred 50 cent coins which we purchased as free prizes for the Centennial Geocache.

Why would we invest so much of our own money in this town? Because Coalmont is our home and we love the town and the people who live here. Simple as that.

Diane Sterne

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